Not Only Can This 13-Year-Old Drive Stick, But He Does So In A Ferrari

Kid, you're going to do just fine.

On the one hand, you’ve gotta give this kid credit where it’s due. With all of those fancy schmancy fast-shifting gearboxes coming out these days, the manual transmission may soon meet its maker. And that’s a damn shame. Already a generation hasn’t the slightest clue how to row their own gears. But not this 13-year-old. He’s been properly educated here. Right, sure, allowing him to drive around on public roads (his rich neighborhood) is illegal. Thing is, he’s shifting through the lower gears of this Ferrari F355 just fine.

Who are we to criticize his solid heal-toe technique even before his growth spurt? So you know what? Good for him. And kudos to his parents for teaching him.

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