Not To Be Outdone, Suzuki Reveals XA Alpha SUV Concept


Suzuki's Indian subsidiary has revealed the concept version of their upcoming small SUV.

In case some aren't aware, small SUVs are extremely popular in Asia. In fact, just about any compact vehicle, such as pickups, is vital to success in markets such as India and Malaysia. And just one day after Ford revealed their new EcoSport compact SUV, Suzuki is following suit by showing off their latest concept at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha concept took 10 months to develop and was considered important because the automaker doesn't offer an SUV in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki vs. Suzuki? So what's up with the name difference? Simply put, the former is the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese automaker. The production version of the new small SUV concept will be powered by either gasoline or diesel engines. As of now, the gasoline engine will be a 1.3-liter unit while the diesel size is still unknown. According to Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, "India is set to become one of the top automobile markets of the world. The Concept XA is designed for a market of customers with a young urban lifestyle." Photos courtesy of MotorBeam

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