Note to Self: Hummer's Don't Work Well on Ice

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A little dose of stupidity to start your day off right.

Thanks to CarBuzz tipster 'Mark', we've just been sent these pictures of two Hummers whose drivers thought they could somehow drive on ice. You know this is just going to end badly. Now, ice is not always the most stable solid, mainly because it can, well, break. And break it did. Underneath that ice is a patch of freezing cold water, often referred to as a lake. And both of these Hummer H2s obviously weighed too much for nature's wintery wrath.

What inspired these two Ice Capade wannabes to venture off on to the slippery ice in the first place is a question we've been unable to answer. Stupidity doesn't always have answers, logical ones at least. And just to make you feel even colder, this incident occurred at Lake Balaton in Hungary, where the temperature is a bone shivering -2 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 19 degrees Celsius for those braving the Metric System).

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