Nothing Is Funny About 1,750 Horsepower Powering 5 Tons Of German Fury On A Russian Drag Strip


The perfect way to define excess.

LeBron James may have just played like an animal to lead the Cleveland Cavilers to victory over the Golden State Warriors, but he is far from the only monster out there. The 567-horsepower BMW X6 M is a good candidate for the title of demon child, but the 525-horsepower Mercedes GL63 AMG is not exactly a snooze-worthy car either. Leave it to the Russians to take the two heavy metal machines and crank the volume up to 11. Using aftermarket performance kits, the BMW has been tuned to make 850 horsepower.

Meanwhile, the GL63 AMG now beats the BMW's rating with 900 ponies. Tune in to see if the advantage will help it against one of BMW's most impressive creations yet.

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