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Nothing Stops Porsche From Selling More Cars

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Even when Audi takes a hit, Porsche still sets a new sales record

Some automakers sold fewer cars last year than they did the year before. German automakers, even... but Porsche isn't one of them.

The company still known as a "sports car manufacturer" (even if today it makes more crossovers) set another sales record in 2018, moving an impressive 256,255 vehicles around the world over the course of the past year. That's four percent more than the year before, which marked the high point in the manufacturer's history. And though it was far from its biggest, the US market played a big part in that growth.

Porsche's sales in the US increased by 3% over last year for a total of 57,202 units. That's still less than the 77,216 it sold in Europe (where sales dropped by four percent), or the 80,108 it moved in China (a massive increase of 12%).

Now as you might have guessed, the sales of Porsche's two-door sports cars were dwarfed by the crossovers it sold last year. Despite sales of Macan dropping by 11%, the compact crossover still accounted for the largest share at 86,031, and are sure to climb with the introduction of the facelifted model.

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Cayenne sales increased by 12% to 71,458 units, while the Panamera positively skyrocketed by 38% to 38,443. Sales of 911s grew by 10% to 35,573, and the 718 Boxster/Cayman dropped by a single percentage point to 24,750.

Those figures still don't amount one seventh of the number of vehicles that sister-company Audi sold, with its vastly broader lineup. But while Porsche grew, Audi's sales dropped last year by 3.5% for a total of 1,812,500. Chalk that up to the institution of the new WLTP standards that forced Audi and others to stop selling some models while it adjusted them to meet the more stringent European regulations.