Novikov’s Frightening Crash

A spectacular crash in Rally Mexico ended with no casualties apart from the car.

Evgeny Novikov is not a gymnast but a rally driver; however when taking part in the Mexico Rally, the third round of this year's world championship, he performed a series of complicated jumps and flips normally performed by top gymnasts. After he lost control of his Ford Fiesta, due to dense dust filling the cockpit after the roof air vent ripped open, the car performed a series of loops before landing upside down. Thankfully, both driver and co-driver emerged unhurt from the terrifying experience.

For Novikov it is neither the first nor probably the last extravagant accident he will make, though in the last few months he has become a more cautious rally driver. But in Mexico caution was blown to the wind of the missing air vent, and the result was spectacular.

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