Novitec Makes The Ferrari 812 GTS Faster, Louder, Sexier

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Meet the 812 GTS N-Largo.

If you've got a Ferrari, chances are that you're pretty impressed by the performance, the aural drama, and the aesthetics of the supercar in your garage, but if you want something more, your default choice for aftermarket tuning will almost certainly be Novitec. The company has done work on McLarens and even Teslas, but Ferrari is its forte. Recently, the tuner revealed a hardcore version of the F8 Tributo, and now that is being followed up by a very special version of the Ferrari 812 GTS. With the N-Largo label tacked onto the end of the car's name, the German tuner has turned the V12 roadster into an absolute monster.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

The car is widened at the fenders by 14 centimeters/5.5 inches (mostly at the rear) with the help of new carbon fiber body panels that have been painted in the car's signature red, but there's plenty of exposed carbon for you to pore over too, from accents for the hood outlets to new mirror cap details. The various carbon aero ducts and vents throughout the car are also joined by new side skirts, a new front splitter, and a massive rear diffuser housing the finishers to a new exhaust system. That exhaust system is the party piece of the car and, in the above video, is shown to produce noise levels as high as 129.2 decibels, although a flap-regulated system can be fitted to keep your neighbors happy.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

The 812 GTS N-Largo also features staggered 21-/22-inch NF 10 NL forged wheels with a faux center lock cap and sport suspension, but those aforementioned carbon bits stand out the most to us. Not only do they look great, but they were properly tested for maximum aerodynamic efficiency in a wind tunnel too. With all of these enhancements, the 812 GTS now gets from 0-62 a touch quicker (2.8 seconds versus 3 in the standard car) and goes a little faster as well (214 mph versus 211). It's a spectacular package, and just 18 of these cars will be built, but if you're wondering if you can afford one, it's too late - every example has already been sold.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

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