Novitec Rosso Turns The Boost Up On The Ferrari 488 GTB

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Just what the Ferrari 488 needed: another 111 horsepower.

By almost every measure you can think of, the Ferrari 488 GTB is crazy fast. Not only is the forced-induction successor to the 458 Italia comfortably the most powerful car in this segment, but the 488 GTB is the fastest mid-engined road car this side of the monstrous LeFerrari to lap Ferrari's private test track at Fiorano. As we discussed in our Dahler-tuned BMW M2 piece, however, there's always someone who wants more poke than what the factory can offer - and it's to that specific type of client that Novitec Rosso is targeting with its 488 GTB upgrade.

As expected from a firm that's been strapping superchargers to various Ferrari models over the years, Novitec Rosso's big selling point for the 488 package is the power increase. Thanks to a new exhaust system, revised boost pressures and tweaked fuel injection systems, the 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine now produces 772 hp and 657 lb-ft of torque - up 111 hp and 96 lb-ft over the standard car. Understandably, then, the Novitec Rosso-tuned Ferrari 488 GTB is a fair bit faster than the standard car, with claimed 0-60 mph times and top speeds of 2.8 seconds and 212 mph respectively. Should you not desire that extra power all of the time, you can reset the boost management back to stock levels via a toggle switch on the steering wheel.

The aerodynamics and aesthetics have also been enhanced in the Novitec Rosso package. Not only do the new side sills, rear diffuser and spoilers generate legit downforce but, as they're fashioned out of bare carbon fiber, they contrast really well with the bright yellow paintwork on the car featured in these pictures. The eagle eyed among you will also have noticed the black-on-yellow theme extends to other areas of this Novitec Rosso 488 GTB, such as the 21-inch alloy wheels and the black shrouds for the indicators. On the off chance you don't like the spec of the 488 in these pictures, Novitec Rosso's also made an online configurator for the car - allowing you to tailor your dream tuned 488 you likely won't ever be able to afford.

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