Ferrari SF90 Spider Gets 1,100-HP Upgrade And Loads Of Carbon Fiber

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With a 211 mph top speed, you might want to put that roof up.

Novitec knows how to tune up a supercar.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider, in standard guise, already isn't messing around, and the tuning firm's upgrades make that even more evident with 1,109 horsepower and yet more carbon fiber bodywork.

With the new Novitec changes, this SF90 will hit 62 mph in just 2.4 seconds and will continue to a top speed of 211 mph. Of course, having 677 lb-ft of torque will do that. All told, Novitec's new changes add 109 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque to the already absurdly powerful Ferrari hypercar.

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Novitec says the changes are more than just about headline figures.

New engine maps deliver most of the power gains, but Novitec has extracted a little more noise from the SF90 with a new exhaust system. But more power also means more heat, which is why the engine bay of the SF90 now has a gold lining, just like the McLaren F1.

Novitec also set about removing some weight from the SF90 where it counts with new carbon wheels. The new wheels were co-developed with Vossen and reduce unsprung mass, though the company doesn't specify by how much. We imagine the carbon bodywork does the same.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

The new carbon kit includes changes across the car, including a new front splitter and endplates, rear wing and diffuser, side skirts, and mirror caps. You can also have a new hood if you'd like. The company has developed all parts together in a wind tunnel to ensure the car's aero functions as intended at any speed.

New springs push the Ferrari lower to the ground by 1.1 inches at the front and an inch at the rear. If that's too much, the brand's own front and rear lift system get you back off the ground by 1.3 inches, negating the effect of the lowering springs.

As with previous models, Novitec will deliver your car in any spec you'd like, in just about any color, with pretty much any material or a mix of leather and Alcantara. Pricing hasn't been announced, but if you can't afford the 7-figure Ferrari the upgrades need to sit on, you shouldn't be asking anyway.

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