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Novitec Tunes The Hell Out Of The McLaren 720S

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Bigger, faster, wider, and very very beige.

There surely cannot be too many people out there who look at the 710 horsepower McLaren 720S supercar and think, "You know what, I want this car but just a lot more of it. In beige". Yet that is exactly what German supercar tuner Novitec has done in creating the N-Largo.

Claiming to be one of the 'internationally most acclaimed refinement specialists for the world's most exclusive automobiles', Novitec definitely refined the hell out of this 720S. Almost every single panel has been redesigned, all in carbon fiber, and the good news is that customers can have their car finished in any color of their choosing. Please don't let it be beige again.

The 720S M-Largo's front end clearly takes its inspiration from the McLaren Senna supercar, although there are shades of the Gumpert Apollo in there too. The rear, meanwhile, retains the look of the stock 720S while adding an aggressive rear wing and diffuser. There is also a roof scoop, redesigned side strakes and lots of bespoke styling touches.

The car is now 2.3-inches wider at the front and 5-inches wider at the rear, all the better to fit the massive 20 or optional 21-inch Vossen forged wheels under the arches. Novitec claims that the body modifications were tested and refined in a wind tunnel to ensure that the N-Largo performs to expectations.

The interior hasn't been ignored either and it can be trimmed in just about any color of leather and Alcantara if desired.

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Novitec's engine technicians have also released three different performance kits for the 720S too. Their their Plug-and-Play control unit in Stage 2 configuration provides the most power and with the aid of a high-performance exhaust system boosts outputs by 96 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque.

That is a monstrous 806 hp and 648 lb-ft in total which Novitec claims cuts the 0-62mph time down to 2.7-seconds (0.2-sec faster) and the top speed is now 215 mph (up by 3 mph). So, there is definitely enough go to match the show and while demand for something as extreme as this N-Largo 720S may be limited, so is the supply. There will only be 15 built in total. Pricing for the kit and engine mods has not been announced but we no doubt it will be cheap.