Novitec Unleashes The Most Extreme Huracan Spyder To Date

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That is, until Novitec's twin-supercharger upgrade goes on sale.

Though perhaps not quite as well known as its Ferrari-focused 'Rosso' counterpart, Novitec Torado has quickly established itself over its brief three-years-to-date existence as a tour de force in the Lamborghini tuning world. What started in July 2013 as a performance kit for the Aventador has now morphed into an extensive range of parts and packages for nigh-on every Lambo model on sale today. As a result, it's no real surprise that Novitec's now unveiled an add-on for the sublime Huracan Spyder, having previously tackled the Huracan coupe.

Though the core mechanicals of the glorious 5.2-liter V10 remain untouched, Novitec has gone to town on practically everything else on the Huracan Spyder. On top of the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera-esque carbon aero package, Novitec Torado installed new NL1 alloys (20 inches at the front; 21 at the rear), dropped the ride height by 35 mm through fitting sportier spring setups and included a new sports exhaust system that allegedly shaves a few pounds off the curb weight whilst adding an undisclosed amount of horsepowers. Those who want an even more extreme setup for their Huracan Spyder can specify an even lighter system made from the same Inconel alloy used in Formula One racing cars.

All of that on its own would be tempting enough, but Novitec Torado has also used its Huracan Spyder kit announcement to reveal upcoming upgrades for the junior Lamborghini supercar. As nice as the "exclusive cockpit" that can be tailored "in practically any color imaginable...using the finest leathers and Alcantara" sound, we're far more interested in the in-the-works twin-supercharger kit for the Huracan's V10. With claimed outputs of 860-hp and 700+ lb-ft of torque (considerably up from the stock Spyder's 602-hp and 413 lb-ft stats), the drop-top Huracan when fitted with this upgrade will comfortably become a brutally and terrifyingly fast road car.

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