Novitec Unveils its First Lamborghini Project

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Novitec Torado has just unveiled its debut project, a tuned Lamborghini Aventador with more power and improved aerodynamics.

You may be more familiar with Novitec's Ferrari and Maserati tuning division, Rosso and Tridente, respectively. But now, the esteemed German aftermarket tuner has started a new venture, one that's solely dedicated to Lamborghinis. Novitec Torado has just unveiled its first program, a modified Aventador that's been given a heavy dosage of aerodynamic refinement and power upgrades along with plenty of new carbon fiber elements.

The new body components were all developed in the wind tunnel and help to reduce negative lift on the front axle, which improves handling at high speeds. The front fascia was upgraded via a two-piece front spoiler, a central front blade, and newly designed air intakes. There's also a new trunk lid with integrated air ducts and new air vents in front of the windshield. Out back features a unique rear wing as well as an expandable rear diffuser. The big Lambo's new sports suspension is also height-adjustable with adjustable dampers.

On the performance side of things, the Aventador's V12 was given an additional 48 horsepower thanks to an engine remap and a high-performance exhaust system. Novitec Torado is also at work on a bi-compressor engine that'll produce around 1,000 hp. Official pricing hasn't been announced but this is only the beginning of many great things from Novitec Torado.

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