Novitec Upgrades The Lamborghini Huracan With New Curves And 800 HP


It's hard to believe that a Lamborghini Huracan can get even sexier, but German-Based Novitec Torado has given it a try.

Most people are aware that Novitec messes around with Ferraris under the Novitec Rosso banner, but they have two other parts to their name; Torado for Lamborghini and Tridente for Maserati. This Lamborghini Huracan Coupe has been through the Torado side of things and comes out decidedly better in just about every way possible. For its latest upgrade, the tuner opted to use the LP580-2, the lower powered rear-wheel drive version of the four-wheel drive LP610-4.

At Novitec, the Huracan's looks were given attention, but we're more impressed by the power upgrade and the sound to match.

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We're guessing this version was easier to give more power with thanks to the elimination of the AWD setup, although Novitec also offers its own interpretation of a Huracan Spyder. Novitec strapped a pair of turbos to the naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10, which bumped the power to an amazing 810 hp - up from 571 hp. You have the option of an Inconel exhaust with a power flap that can be activated from the cabin for when annoying neighbors is a hobby. The full body kit comprises many options (that can be painted or left with a carbon fiber finish) that should see no two Novitec Torado Huracans look alike. The 20 / 21-inch, 3-piece forged NL1 wheels are the perfect finishing touch, once the car is lowered by 35 mm.