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Now Alfa Romeo's Not Coming to the US Until 2014

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This has happened several times before, hasn't it?

First the good news: the Alfa Romeo 4C will officially carry a starting price of $54,000, which puts it directly in line with its most significant rival, the Porsche Cayman. Although just a couple of thousand examples will be available in the US, this price is actually somewhat of a bargain, considering how much carbon fiber, in addition to, other lightweight and performance-enhancing tech the mid-engined two-seater has. Unfortunately, also expect to see significant dealer mark ups that will push that price up by a few thousand bucks.

Speaking of Alfa Romeo dealers in the US, word has it the famous Italian brand's US launch has been delayed from this year until next. It was only last January that Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne stated that Alfa would be setting up shop in the US in 2013. Since we're already into autumn, it clearly doesn't look like you'll be passing an Alfa dealer on Main Street, USA, just yet. A new report is now claiming that Alfa won't be making its US return until the second quarter of 2014. At that time, the 4C will officially go on sale simply because it'll be the only car in the brand's US line up. We've seen these delays before, so here's hoping this one will be the last.

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