2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Now China Thinks It Can Build A Better EV Than Tesla

Welcome to the Thunder Power.

Tesla has becomethe automaker to beat at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and now China has unveiledan electric sedan to compete against the Model S. This electric sedan is madeby the Taiwanese manufacturer “Thunder Power” and comes in two powerfulversions: 308 hp and 428 hp. Apparently, both models will be able to cover 403miles on one charge and be able to drive 186 miles on a 30-minute charge. The 428hp version can get to 62 mph in under five seconds and onto a top speed of 155mph.

That’s fasterthan Tesla’s 70D model with a longer range, as well. So that’s a fairtrade-off right? The vehicle’s exterior design is questionable, but the interioris purely futuristic. The cabin has a high-tech TP-Touch display that coversthe entire length of the dashboard and includes the infotainment system, theinstrument cluster, internet access, as well as passenger video streaming. There’salso a devoted EV platform, which is powered by a 125 kWh microprocessor-controlledbattery pack that is apparently lighter and cheaper to produce than the competition's.The Thunder Power Sedan is expected to make its European debut in 2017, headingover to the US and China in 2018.

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