Now Even Tuners Are Buying Into The High Horsepower Luxury SUV Hype

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Why buy a McLaren when you can have an overpowered palace on wheels?

This is one that could be smelled coming from a mile away. Using the rationale of trickle down economics, it's only logical to expect that if automakers were going to spend time and money building luxury SUVs to meet a new demand, tuners would follow at some point. It's a wise decision too since most luxury buyers take pride in having something that the rest of the population doesn't have. This is the crowd that would be happy to hear that BMW Blog has uncovered trademarks for SUVs coming from Alpina.

In addition to its current offering of tricked out BMW coupes, sedans, and the lone SUV, an X3, Alpina has just trademarked the names XD4 and XB7. Eliminate the letters in the middle and we get the models on which these two SUVs would be based, thee X4 and range topping X7. As with the twin-turbo XD3, the XD4 would be powered by a diesel engine. In the XD3, the 3.0-liter oil burner makes 350 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, figures that the XD4 would likely not stray too far from. Instead, the focus would be on incremental upgrades and lavish interiors. Like its lower trim cousin, the XD4 would not be for executives who want to show off with an exceptionally lavish BMW SUV.

Instead, Alpina would target a customer satisfied with the X4's capabilities but desires something that has extra persona added to it after leaving the factory. Those wanting to dominate all other SUVs on the road would be able to turn to the XB7, a gasoline-powered SUV that's sure to be a monster at the drag strip but a gentleman on the streets. Given that the standard X7 will probably price over $100,000, the XB7 could slot one rung below the Bentley Bentayga. If the two SUVs actually make it to production (a trademark is not a guarantee that they will), then the XD4 should be coming in 2018 followed a year later by the XB7. If the trend catches on then only the imagination can fathom the types of freakish SUV creations that could follow.

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