Now Ford Swears That an F-150 Diesel Isn't Happening

But we honestly don't believe them.

Only a few days ago did a fairly realistic sounding rumor come up regarding a potential diesel-powered Ford F-150 arriving in 2018. It would make sense for Ford to drop an oil-burner in its flagship pickup truck in addition to its EcoBoost and V8 lineup because, well, the competition is doing just that. Specifically, the Ram 1500 is now offered with a V6 diesel that comes with plenty of torque and fuel-saving benefits.

Heck, even Nissan is currently prepping a Cummins diesel option for its upcoming redesigned Titan. So when the rumor came up regarding a diesel-powered F-150, it sounded totally logical. However, a new report coming from Jalopnik is stating that a Ford official recently made clear that there are no plans on the horizon for an F-150 diesel offering. Honestly though, we don’t believe that. Not for a second. A diesel is a logical choice for many buyers and would make the F-150 even more competitive. Ford surely has no intentions of allowing the competition to offer something major that its famed F-150 doesn't.

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