Now Here's The Bad News About The Next Jeep Wrangler

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We could have guessed this might happen.

Earlier this week we were able to confirm some great news regarding the next generation Jeep Wrangler: it'll retain its solid axles as opposed to moving to an independent suspension setup. For off-roading and purist SUV fans, that's a huge sigh of relief. However, new information has come to light that may not please everyone. According to a report from Car and Driver, the 2017/2018 Wrangler will be powered by a smaller, turbocharged engine in place of the current 3.6-liter V6.

An eight-speed automatic is also expected to be offered. We also know that Jeep is planning to give the Wrangler a new aluminum body in a sincere effort to cut down on weight and, when combined with the turbo engine, improved fuel economy as well. But here's where Wrangler purists will be disappointed: the folding windshield will be gone entirely. It'll be replaced by a fixed unit with greater rake. What we still don't know is whether the removable doors and manual convertible will remain. Here's hoping that won't change.

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