NOW Is The Time To Buy A 2022 Nissan Frontier

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Don't expect this offer to last forever.

After years of waiting, the completely redesigned 2022 Nissan Frontier is finally here. Production of this Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma rival recently got underway in Mississippi and is now making its way to dealerships across the country. Official pricing was announced earlier this month.

To celebrate both its launch and the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, the Japanese automaker has reportedly informed dealers of an attractive financing offer that'll surely bring in plenty of buyers. According to a dealer bulletin, all 2022 Frontiers are now eligible for 0 percent APR financing for 36 months. There's also 36- and 48- month financing available at 1.9 percent.

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Those who prefer to stretch their payments to 72 months can get a 2.5 percent deal right now. Nissan oddly won't let dealers promote the latter offering and is even allowing them to mark up the rate by up to 2 percent.

Those with bad credit could wind up being stuck with a rate as high as 16.9 percent if they're not careful. For a truck that costs $35,000, that rate translates to a whopping $21,000 in interest. But the 0 percent/36-month rate is the truly big story here. Of course, one will need to have a good credit score to qualify.

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What's interesting is that unsold examples of the outgoing 2021 Frontier have this same deal, at least for now. Even a 60-month rate can be had for as little as 0.9 percent, versus 1.9 percent for the redesigned model. Considering the 2021 truck has been around since the 2004 model year, the new model's small premium is well worth it.

There was nothing mentioned as to how long these current financing rates will be in effect, but considering it's a holiday special we can't guarantee this will last the entire month of September. So if you've been eyeing the new Frontier and have solid enough credit, then clearly now's the time to make a move.

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