Now Is Your Chance To Buy This Lamborghini LM002 Before The New Lambo SUV Hits The Streets

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The Rambo Lambo remains as insane today it is ever was.

Even those who lament the birth of every new SUV from an exotic or sports car manufacturer will usually give a pass to the Lamborghini LM002, affectionately nicknamed the "Rambo Lambo." This is probably in part because the LM002 was originally designed as a military vehicle, and was given real offroad capability. The high ground clearance here being for something other than Russian billionaires' concerns about potholes.

There's also the fact that it really was pretty insane. Weighing in at 6,780 pounds and sporting a 76.6-gallon gas tank (!), the Countach-sourced V12 still made certain that the giant could outrun any other SUV in its time, and later Diablo-powered models did even better. The one you see here is going up for auction from RM Auctions, and is in particularly excellent shape. Even so, LM002s tend not to go for too much, and this one probably won't get too far above the $100,000 mark. Being nearly impossible to find parts for but lacking the exoticism of their contemporary supercar stablemates, they've barely appreciated at all.

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