Now It's Honda's Turn To Demonstrate The New Ridgeline's Rock-Proof Bed

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Another test involving big rocks.

Chevrolet last week released an interesting video in its latest attack on cross-town truck rival Ford. The battle between the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150 seemingly has no end, and the former was anxious to prove that the latter's aluminum-bodied truck has a weakness: the metal can break easily and has costly repairs. How easily? Why not dump 800 pounds of rocks onto the bed of each truck to demonstrate? The video quickly went viral. And now Honda wants to prove that its all-new Ridgeline is no slouch in the tough truck bed department.

Its standard composite bed is put to the test with 60 rough cut landscaping stones, each weighing between 14 and 16 pounds, being dropped from a loader into the bed. The new Honda Ridgeline is already proving to be a unique and very capable truck, and this video is further proof.

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