Now It's Time For The Rimac Concept One To Humiliate A Bugatti Veyron


The bastion of the internal combustion engine is no match for the "Bugatti of the electric car world."

Recent evidence has lead us to believe that the Rimac Concept One is the Bugatti Veyron of the electric car world. The fact that it took down the world’s fastest hypercars, a Ferrari LaFerrari and a Porsche 918 Spider, proves that gasoline powered cars are almost no match for the electric car. Making matters worse (for the internal combustion engine) is the fact that the Concept One has a light curb weight to boast and some clever torque vectoring software to enable it to corner like a boss.

However, the only way that Rimac would ever get the respect that it truly deserves is to take down the undisputed hypercar king, the Bugatti Veyron. Though it’s already been eclipsed by its replacement, the Bugatti Chiron, not too many owners have gotten their hands on one yet and those that have likely don’t want to submit them to harsh testing.

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Not that 1,200 horsepower is a deficiency of any sort, though. That’s why when Rimac CEO Mate Rimac meets up with Earl of Pembroke, founder of the UK firm Wilton Classic & Supercar, things get interesting. As an avid and well endowed supercar enthusiast, Earl has a Bugatti Veyron in his collection, which he trades with Rimac for a Concept One so the two car nuts can educate themselves on each vehicle. Suffice it to say, as it did in its previous competitions, the Concept One surprises us all.