Now New Jersey Wants Tesla Back Again

This state is like a child who’s just discovered turning the light switch on and off.

Following its recent ban from operating Tesla stores in thestate of New Jersey, the company may now be given a chance to return to thestate without ever having left. Two weeks ago, Gov. Chris Christie’s MotorVehicle Commission decided to block Tesla’s sale model, which is based ondirect sales rather than traditional dealership networks. Now, Assemblyman TimEustace has floated a bill to reinstate the company and allow its EV sales inthe state.

Because of this new rule, an interested buyer looking formore fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle options can go look andask questions about an electric car in New Jersey, but will have to go toPennsylvania or New York if he or she actually wants to buy the car,"Eustace said in a statement. "How does sending business to other stateshelp New Jersey's economy?" While this may offer hope for the company,the state legislature is still split on the matter, so expect the light switchin Tesla stores to be turned on and off a few more times before the matter issettled.

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