Now the Germans Are Interested in Buying Fisker?

Where are the American investors in all of this?

It’s been a while since we last heard news regarding Fisker, that once hopeful start-up automaker that crashed and burned faster than John DeLorean’s cocaine deal. The news was pretty much all bad: Fisker was nearly on the edge of filing for bankruptcy after spending roughly $193 million of US taxpayer's money. It was all pretty embarrassing for a company that seemed like it had so much potential. Then came word that there were a few Chinese suitors hoping to buy the remains of Fisker.

No one was happy and yet no one was surprised that Chinese companies were interested in reviving the brand. But so far, a deal has yet to materialize. Perhaps the reason is that a German investment firm called Fritz AG Noi is reportedly about to make a $25 million offer to buy Fisker. The firm not only wants to move production to the US from Finland, but it also thinks it can get new Fisker models like the Surf and Sunset up and running. Those would be in addition to regular Karma production. Nothing is for certain yet, but we like the sound of this so far.

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