Now This Is How To Cook Your Corvette's Brakes To A Crisp

Nothing like doing a burnout.

Doing burnouts is something gearheads have always loved to do. They’re loud, smoky, and more than likely piss off a few Toyota Prius-driving neighbors. But there are a few downsides, however. Replacing the tires isn’t cheap and, as you’re about to see in the following video, neither are rear brakes. This C5 Corvette’s owner didn’t know when to take his foot off the gas. Or perhaps he did and simply didn’t care. But whatever the case was, the car’s rear brakes managed to catch on fire. And yes, it looks even better doing so at night.

We don't have a clue as to the extent of the damage, but we're assuming there's at least some. Still looks awesome though.

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