Now THIS is How to Drive a Jeep

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Jeeps aren't meant for the highway. They're designed and engineered to handle the roughest conditions, such as the Rubicon Trail.

Too many people who buy Jeep Wranglers today don't use them properly. Sure they make you look good to the opposite sex while being seen driving one around town, but not enough of those owners take their Wranglers off-road, where they truly belong. And what better place to take the Jeep Rubicon than to the Rubicon Trail itself. Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman gets behind the wheel of what's perhaps the best Jeep Rubicon to date, the 10th Anniversary Edition Rubicon.

Very few vehicles, even 4x4s, can handle the Rubicon and Jeeps have been hitting that trail since 1953. It's no easy feat and only the most impressive 4x4s can fully handle it. Want to see how it's done? Tune in to find out.

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