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Now THIS Is How To Modify A BMW i8 Roadster

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Massive wheel arches? Check. Carbon fiber spoiler? Oh yeah.

Sometimes aftermarket tuners add that extra dosage of attitude OEMs don't, for any number of reasons. The case of this modified BMW i8 Roadster certainly applies. Now, we've never been huge fans of the i8 Coupe or Roadster's styling in general, but both are without question not ugly. They just need a little something extra. Enter Japanese aftermarket tuning company Energy Motor Sport, the same firm responsible for 2017's BMW i8 Dark Knight Edition.

This time, however, it's the Roadster's turn. Working in conjunction with local tuner Eve.ryn, the Japanese tuner has created the EVO i8s E.N.ARMY eDITION. Yes, that's really how it's all spelled out.

The package includes a new front apron with larger air intakes, a front spoiler, side mirror caps, and those wicked cool huge wheel arches front and rear. Instead of the Dark Knight Edition's angular wheel arches, this time they were made round. Out back is new apron along with a carbon fiber diffuser. That massive racing wing is also made of that lightweight material.

The exterior color chosen for this project isn't some bland khaki modern military color but rather a light green with geometric camouflage patterns. The custom matte gold wheels are wrapped Pirelli P Zero rubber.

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Meanwhile, we assume the plug-in hybrid drivetrain remains untouched with a total of 374 hp due to a lack of information regarding any upgrades. Pricing? Also a mystery but buyers will obviously have to provide the tuner the donor i8 Roadster first, which will set you back at least $165,000.

While the i8 Dark Knight Edition was clearly inspired by a superhero, the EVO i8s E.N.ARMY eDITION draws its inspiration from elsewhere. Some will say military-esque. But we think this tuned i8 is perfect for a certain Dark Knight nemesis, the Riddler. Just paint a few question marks on the doors and that supervillain will be all set.