Now This Is How To Prepare A Supercar For Shark Week

This Ferrari jumped the shark.

The moment that we have all been waiting for is finally here. At long last, the most important time of the year has come. Shark Week has arrived and we couldn’t be happier. And in celebration of this most glorious of weeks, we present to you a unique Ferrari 458 Speciale that was spotted during the recent Goldrush Rally in Miami. This Ferrari features an awesome custom wrap that definitely turns heads everywhere it goes. The wrap features a crazy looking mashup of a shark head and an air force plane blended together.

The owner of this cool-looking Ferrari, who was filmed racing in the Nevada desert against a Porsche 918, is most certainly preparedfor Shark Week whether or not that was his intention. This Ferrari 458 Specialealso resembles a similar looking golden shark Ferrari that was spotted in Japanearlier this year.

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