Now This is How To Restore a Bugatti

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A Bugatti from any era needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

Perhaps one of the finest names in the history of automobiles, Bugatti has always represented two things: style and sheer performance. Yes, today's Veyron may not be the prettiest car in everyone's eyes, but classic Bugattis such as the Atlantic and this 1935 Aerolithe Coupe are truly works of fine art. With aircraft inspiration inside and out, Type 57s were built for only six years, from 1934 until 1940 with a total production run of 710 units. But it was in 1935 when the Aerolithe Coupe premiered, and the world of automotive styling changed forever.

With its magnesium body panels and finely detailed rivets, the car is also the oldest Type 57 chassis still in existence. As always, Jay Leno was on hand to see it in person at last month's Pebble Beach show where he spoke with the man who restored it. Images courtesy of Carole Bezuidenhout.

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