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Now This Is How You Take Delivery Of A Limited Edition Bentley

Totally epic.

Not too long ago Bentley unveiled an ultra-exclusive series of Continental GTs that were the result of a collaboration with the Breitling Jet Team. The special Bentley coupes are an extremely limited version and only seven units were produced. Each of the cars in the series is inspired by one of seven different Breitling Jets. Bentley has now officially delivered the Jet Team Series vehicles to their owners and held an extraordinary ceremony to mark the event.

The cars were all put on display next to their matching jets at the Seattle Boeing Seafair Airshow. The owners were also given matching chronograph watches to go along with their personalized vehicles. To top it off, after being presented with the vehicle keys and special timepieces by the pilots of the corresponding planes, the owners were taken for an exclusive flight over Seattle in the jets.

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