Now THIS Is The Correct Way To Promote The McLaren 570S

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A custom exhaust never hurts either.

In case you've been off the Internet awhile, it's worth noting that Dom Mazzetti, the YouTube star that got famous off of his hilarious Bro Science Life videos, is now using his influence to make videos about cars. In a new channel titled GNARPM (gnar and RPM in one word, get it?), he races around in McLarens and motorized ice chests. At least now we know he does something aside from going to the gym. As it turns out, he's not entirely bad at the whole car guy thing.

In this video, he gets behind the wheel of a McLaren 570S and lets the 3.8-liter V8 sing with all it's glory.

Except as some McLaren owners may have encountered, the twin-turbo setup can put a bit of a damper on the noise that the engine emits. That's why the dispenser of bro knowledge has teamed up with aftermarket parts maker Larini to make a plug for one insane exhaust system. Luckily the team brought a drone with them because it takes some flying around to give us a proper perspective of how crazy this exhaust system sounds. Whether pulling up to a rest stop or from hundreds of feet in the air, it's hard to get away from the noise that the system unlocks from the engine. As lovers of all things fast and loud, we wouldn't want it any other way. Oh, and you might want your volume up for this.

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