Now This Is The Flagship Sedan That Jaguar Needs

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In other words, something that doesn't look like a stretched XF.

Jaguar has been on a roll lately. With a lineup now consisting of the F-Type, XE, all-new XF, and the upcoming F-Pace crossover, perhaps it's time to start thinking about the replacement for the existing flagship sedan, the XJ. We've always been huge fans of the XJ but we also wouldn't be sad to see Jaguar attempt unique styling for its eventual replacement. Just look at the XE and XF; the resemblance is strong. To differentiate the next XJ, perhaps a bit of outside design influence could be helpful.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has essentially taken the basic styling of the Giugiaro Gea Concept that was revealed last month at Geneva, and applied doses of Jaguar throughout. Overall, we like where he's going with this. It's definitely unique and it just screams exclusiveness. But what do you think? Should Jaguar go in a different direction for the next XJ or continue to evolve the existing look?

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