Now THIS is What Audi Really Ought to Build

Wagon haters hate all you want. You're the ones missing out.

Yes, we like wagons. Shooting brakes, too. Why, you may wonder? Because wagons are honest and shooting brakes just look cool. Before the world became infatuated with SUVs, which most people never had any intention to use off-road, and crossovers, which are nothing more than sedans with a SUV body, wagons were the ideal family car. Well, the minivan is rather good for family hauling too, but wagons have badass potential. Just look at what Audi has done with its Avants.

Nothing like adding a V8 or anything turbocharged to what could have been an ordinary wagon. Heck, look at the Ferrari FF. That sucker’s got a V12. But most of us can’t afford that. What could be financially possible is an Audi, in this case a hypothetical TT Avant Concept. Cooked up by Theophilus Chin, it combines the TT and a wagon into one. Give it proper power and Quattro AWD and we’re in business. It's time to love the wagon again.

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