Now THIS is What We Want the BMW M2 To Be


And chances are it'll look a lot like this.

For anyone who missed out on a BMW 1 Series M Coupe, you may soon have a second chance. No, we're not talking about buying a used one (though that's certainly possible – for a steep price). You also may have heard of a certain new BMW called the M235i. For now, it's the spiritual successor to the old 1M-er, itself a direct descendent of the original E30 M3. And if you've been keeping up with the latest news and rumors, there's a good chance you know something about a possible M2.

Obviously it would be based off the current M coupe, but unlike the M235i, it would be a proper M car – not an M Performance car. Such a car hasn't been given the official green light just yet (though it's only a matter of time, we hope), but Theophilus Chin has just come up with a set of M2 renderings that could really pass off as the real deal. Like the old 1 Series M Coupe, this M2 has the wide body treatment and a front end reminiscent of the new M3/M4. Those rear side vents accompanied by the quad exhaust also looks solid. If the M2 does make production, it could potentially be the sweet spot in the entire M lineup.

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