Now Volvo Wants To Join The Autonomous Vehicle Game

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But will it be any better than Tesla or Mercedes Benz?

When it comes to driving safety and advancements in automotive technology, Volvo is one of the brands that always manages to wow people. It seems that Volvo has done it again as it will unveil the "Time Machine" concept at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The concept will be based on the Swedish automaker's Scalable Product Architecture platform which is already used on the XC90 and upcoming S90 and V90 models. The "Time Machine" concept will feature new hardware and software all for the sake of future mobility.


Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, general manager at Volvo's California-based Motoring and Concept Center, said that the concept car "has the potential of giving significant time back to drivers." Does this mean that this feature is a direct nod towards autonomous vehicles? We'll have to find out at the Los Angeles Auto Show. If it is a hint at autonomous vehicles, the Swedish concept should be safe enough to protect even the most inattentive of drivers.

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