Now You Can Buy A McLaren 12C For Just Over $45,000

For Sale

You can have one at that price, and the best bit is you can still choose the colour and the body style. There's a catch though.

Some places sell some rather strange stuff, and so far for this week the strangest thing seen on the web is a McLaren 12C on sale at French-based Ferrari dealership, Charles Pozzi Levallois. Sure, supercar dealerships sometimes have other brands of supercars on the floor, that's nothing new. But when a McLaren is listed for a shade over $45,000 at a Ferrari dealership, there must be some sort of catch to it. There's no ways it could be so cheap otherwise, right?

If your spider senses were tingling, you'd have a good reason. It's simply not possible to buy a life-size McLaren for that amount of money. Well, not a complete McLaren anyway. How the dealership acquired a rolling chassis of a 12C is quite the mystery, but this same chassis has definitely been seen at a dealership in London and also South Africa. It's a cutaway to show off the technology and inner workings of the McLaren in 2011 when they were new to the production car market and so this unfinished chassis did the rounds at dealerships worldwide as part of the marketing of the 12C. Is it worth the money though? What would you do with something like this?

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Considering it has the wheels, the brakes, the carbon fiber Monocell chassis, the suspension and most importantly, the motor, we think this is well worth the asking price. If whoever buys it can design a great body and interior, it could be the birth of a new supercar brand. With the platform also being seen in the McLaren 675 LT, this could even be bought as spare parts for someone racing a McLaren competitively. What we would like to see though, is someone snap this up and transplant that 600 hp, 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 lump into something unsuspecting, like new Mazda Miata or an old Jaguar. If the engine has insides of course.