Now You Can Have A Porsche Macan For $16,400

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Well, sort of.

China is a great place to be if you're planning on plagiarising something or stealing designs for yourself. The word 'copyright' has been left out of every dictionary in existence and with internet censored somewhat, there's no way for people to see where the latest locally produced cars get their, um, inspiration from. Copying popular Western cars is something that happens often in China and they really don't care what anyone says or does about it, it's just how things happen.

We've seen some ridiculously blatant copied cars, proudly on show, that just don't make the grade of the original. So far we've only seen one manufacturer take serious exception to a bad copy and pursue legal action, JLR is suing Land Wind over its Evoque-esque X7. We're guessing the latest manufacturer to be copied may just do the same thing, we don't peg Porsche to be the kind to take this kind of thing lying down. Chinese manufacturer Zoyte Auto has just released its latest and greatest, an almost carbon copy of the Porsche Macan. That copying is mainly on the exterior as you can see, but it's to close to the original for it to be ignored.

The Chinese version is called the SR9 and they say its a mid-size crossover that imitates the Macan. The copy is actually bigger than the Porsche if you compare the measurements. There is a single engine to be had, a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-potter with the code name 4G63S4T. If that sounds familiar it's because that engine block is from Mitsubishi, the same one used in the Land Wind Evoque copy. Prospective owners can choose between a 5-speed manual or 6-speed DCT transmission. It's not clear if the DCT is also a copy, but we're guessing it is. When you see the interior, that $16,000 price tag starts to make perfect sense.

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