Now You Can Look As Good As The McLaren You're Driving

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The supercar manufacturer partnered with Belstaff to create this capsule collection.

If you're fortunate enough (in every sense of the word) to find yourself in a supercar as eye-catching as a McLaren, you'd better be dressed for the part. And the British automaker can help with that.

Beyond the usual line of branded merchandise, McLaren has teamed up with an equally iconic British label to create the Belstaff X McLaren Collection, designed to look as sleek as the 600LT or 720S (and hopefully better than the Senna and new Speedtail). And more than simply slapping its swoosh logo on some existing items, the design teams from both collaborated to come up with the collection.

The capsule collection includes thirteen individual items – ten designed for men, and another three for women – that aim to embody the McLaren design ethos in the form of clothing you can wear.

"The Belstaff X McLaren Collection represents the pure distillation of what you need, made beautiful. There is no excess. Everything is there for a reason," said McLaren design director Rob Melville. "This is part of the McLaren DNA but it is also in Belstaff DNA and working with Belstaff on the Collection has been a meeting of like minds."

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The items include everything from leather jackets and car coats to pants and shirts, all done in dark shades of blue and black, available online and through select retailers. As you might have guessed, though, they don't come cheap – not that we'd expect that to deter the buyers of six- or even seven-figure supercars. Prices range from £160 (about $200) for a shirt to £1,195 ($1,500) for the leather jacket – or about what you'd pay to have the brake calipers custom-painted on Woking's finest.

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