Now You Can Subscribe To Mercedes Instead Of Buying One


It's like Netflix for Benzes... but much more expensive.

Vehicle subscription programs are quickly picking up steam in the United States. And the latest to launch its own program is Mercedes-Benz. Called the Mercedes-Benz Collection, the service provides customers (pardon us, “subscribers”) with access not to a single vehicle, but to an entire range of them. The pilot program is launching in two cities – Nashville and Philadelphia – and will be offered in three tiers, dubbed Signature, Reserve, and Premier. And signing up seems fairly straightforward.

You download the app for your Apple or Android device, enter your information and payment details, choose a subscription plan, and upload a picture of your driver's license. Once approved, a concierge delivers the vehicle chosen with a full tank of gas. And whenever the subscriber is ready, they can simply order up a different vehicle to be delivered the next day. Depending on the tier chosen and the location, subscription prices range between $1,095 and $2,995 per month, plus a one-time $495 activation fee. That puts it near the upper end of the spectrum of similar programs offered. The top Accelerate tier of Porsche's Passport program in Atlanta costs $3k/month.

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You could also lease even an AMG GT-R or a Maybach S560 for less than that. But what the subscription plan offers is flexibility. Subscribers can switch between sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles, SUVs... even AMG performance models, on demand. It also includes 24/7 roadside assistance, maintenance, insurance, and the benefit of never having to step foot in a dealership. While Philadelphia is new, Mercedes has chosen Nashville just like BMW has for its pilot program. Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, and Volvo are also offering subscription programs in the US. Don't be surprised, at this rate, to find more automakers getting on board, and reaching a growing array of markets in the coming months and years.