NRE '69 Camaro Packs 2000HP

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A 572 cubic-inch Big Block Chevy crate engine sits at the heart of a monstrous transformation.

This mind-blowing machine is the brainchild of Nelson Racing Engines, which teamed up with eGarage and Roadster Shop to give this 1969 Chevy Camaro an astonishing 2,000 horses. At the heart of the NRE '69 Camaro is the tuner's custom-built Billet Blackout twin-turbo intercooled 9.4-liter Big Block Chevy crate engine, mated to a twin 10.5-inch dual disc clutch and a modified Viper six-speed transmission. Cooling that monster engine requires an aluminum dual-row dual-pass aluminum radiator with twin high output electric fans.

It breathes through a full 304 stainless-steel NRE exhaust with x-pipes, dual fuel injectors per cylinder utilize "Octane on Demand", automatically injecting race gas in the secondary injector under boost-only conditions while running on 91 octane. Keeping these steady is a suspension with Detroit Speed upper and lower arms coupled with adjustable Koni coil-over shocks. Custom HRE wheels wrapped in Drag Radial tires put the power to the tarmac, and electronically-assisted disc brakes help stop the 69 Camaro on a dime. A midnight-black body, leather upholstery, 1,000-Watt sound system and vintage a/c unit complete the transformation.

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