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NSX Engineers Reveal Its Hidden Secrets


Honda shows its cards at SAE 2015.

Claiming its desire to "inspire the imagination" of enthusiasts, Honda has allowed its engineers to share new technical details about the 2016 NSX at the SAE 2015 World Congress and Exhibition. As we knew, the heart of the car is its Sport-Hybrid AWD power unit, a twin-turbo V6 mated to a 9-speed DCT. An electric motor applies torque directly to the crankshaft, delivering immediate power to the rear wheels. The DCT's shaft design, engineers say, lowers weight and keeps the center mass closer to the driver.

Next, the NSX team revealed its multi-material space frame design, an aluminum intensive frame that makes the NSX the most rigid in its competitive set. "It offers the lowest weight and best rigidity, precision and hybrid powertrain packaging capability of any design." A world first, the NSX's Ablation casting offers "the ductility and energy absorption characteristics of extruded material". Furthermore, the company's A-Pillar has been built from high-strength three-dimensionally formed steel, offering improved visibility, shape and crush performance. The team kept a "human centered" concept, optimizing the car's performance as experienced by the driver through the body.

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The NSX's total airflow management is a thermal aerodynamic package that cools the V6 through three radiators, while the 9-speed DCT uses two heat exchangers. Aerodynamic balance and downforce are achieved by minimizing drag, utilizing vents, 6 rear vortices, a lower rear diffuser and narrower fins at the front. The AWD's "next-generation torque vectoring" offers "more electric power, delivered more directly, managing more internal combustion power". Dynamic torque vectoring at low speeds and zero delay acceleration will be reached with the electric motors' Super Handling. The car also features a double-wishbone suspension, a double lower control arm front suspension and variable gear ratio steering.