Nurburgring Officials Are About To Make Koenigsegg Very, Very Happy

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That is if these rumors are true...

The head honchos at the Nurburgring must have been practicing the moon walk over the past few weeks. Why? Road & Track, citing a source close to the Ring, says that management is preparing to rollback speed limits during automaker lap runs. Officials had started to crack down hard after a deadly crash in March which lead to the recent ban on manufacturer timed laps. This pissed Koenigsegg off greatly as it was planning to go after the 918 Spyder's lap record.

So, will the One: 1 get to try its record-breaking run? We don't know yet, but Road & Track says a statement walking the ban back is being worked on. If management does roll speed limits back it'll be a victory for the industry. Automakers take great care and concern when it comes to these record-breaking laps, from using professional drivers to renting out the entire circuit. Recently, the most dangerous days at the Nurburgring have been when tourists decide to do their best impersonation of an F1 driver. How about clamping down on them?

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