Nurburgring Rain Causes Carnage While Pro Drives On Narrating It All

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It's like watching a guide give a tour of the apocalypse.

The title of this video is supposed to allude to the carnage left on the Nurburgring once a heavy rain sweeps through and causes crash after crash, but it just as easily describe the way this driver's skill can sweep the track even when piloting a small BMW 125i by using it to rip around with confidence like a tour guide with an adrenaline addiction. This is the mark of a driver that has extensive knowledge of one of the world's most famous tracks.

He seems to know it all, when to turn into an apex, brake, and even where the rain will strike. Once it does, all hell seems to break loose on track. One by one, less experienced drivers find themselves with their grilles in the barriers, victims of the initial stage that the rain brings: that of zero traction.

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Unbeknownst to many drivers, the most dangerous part of track day rainfall is when the rain begins. It's at that point that the oil and tire debris stuck in the asphalt starts to seep out and coat each turn with a layer of slick muck. At this point no nudge of oversteer can be trusted, but nevertheless this driver persists, pushing his Bimmer hard with the skill and experience needed to stay on the track while chaos goes on around, as if he were a tour guide for the apocalypse. Remember, the circumstances don't make a man, they reveal him, and in this case we uncover a pro we can all aspire to drive like.

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