Nut Job Parent Deliberately Drives Car Into Kid's Teacher

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And now the guy's off to prison.

Crazy things involving cars happen everywhere, even at a school parking lot in the UK. Thanks to newly released CCTV footage, The Independent tells the story of one Rainer Schoeman, from Woking, Surrey. 22-year-old Schoeman is off to prison for 10 months. What'd he do wrong? He just plead guilty to causing bodily harm, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, and for not having completed the legally required Ministry of Transport Test, also known as a MOT.

Last February 20, Schoeman tried turning into the parking lot of his kid's school, only he wasn't allowed to. It's for staff only. Although there are gate posts at either side of the entrance to prevent other cars from trying to enter as kids head home, the gate was open and Schoeman didn't give a crap and tried to enter.

A teacher was standing between the gate posts and telling him to turn around. A Surrey Police spokesman describes what happened next best: "Schoeman then accelerated towards the teacher causing him to be thrown over the bonnet (that's British for 'hood'). The VW he was driving continued into the car park and narrowly avoided two children on bikes. The teacher was thrown from the bonnet of the car as it continued to travel at speed through the car park." Fortunately the teacher wasn't seriously injured and no kids were harmed. But Rainer Schoeman is nuts. He's lucky he's only getting 10 months in the slammer.

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