NY Knick's J.R. Smith Tries To One-Up Kanye, Buys A Gurkha Military Vehicle


Here's hoping this is the beginning of a trend toward huge and absurd armored cars.

You have perhaps heard that Kanye West recently ordered a pair of armored SUVs from our friends at Dartz to serve as protection for his new family. Well, it's just possible that he started a celebrity trend for buying giant armored vehicles, as the New York Knicks's J.R. Smith just bought a Gurkha military vehicle to celebrate an $18 million contract renewal and that's a nice thing to celebrate. Of course, Smith could just be a big fan of "Fast Five", as the Gurkha was featured prominently in the film.

The Canadian-made vehicle is built on a Ford F550 chassis and uses a 6.7-liter Ford turbodiesel to carry around its 19,000lbs curb weight. The vehicle is the basis for the Knight XV luxury armored SUV, but in the form that Smith bought it, it is fairly utilitarian. That is why the price of $450,000 is less than half of the cost of just one of the Dartz vehicles bought by Kanye West. Of course, Smith won't have to worry about scuffing any expensive gold trim when driving over or through anything in his way. The Dartz Prombron might make more of a statement, but the Gurkha is still one hell of a vehicle.

Source Credits: eurocarblog.com

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