NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is One Year of Creepy for a Cause

“You looking at me?”

From a guy unloading a suitcase with his hairy belly out, to an Ali G lookalike taking a selfie, the New York City Taxi Drivers calendar shows exactly why you should drive yourself or take the Subway. In truth, Mr. January, Mr. December and everyone else in between are all probably stand up guys and not at all like the psycho depicted by Robert DeNiro in Martin Scorce’s Taxi Driver.

Anyway, it’s all for a good cause, and if you want to have the photos shot by Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin on your wall for the next year, the net proceeds from the $14.99 you’ll have to fork out for the pleasure will be donated to NYC’s University Settlement that helps working immigrants and low-income households. In addition, this is probably one of the best gag gifts of the year.

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