Obama's Limo Breaks Down in Israel

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Backup presidential limousine is being flown in after one of Obama's limos was inadvertently filled with diesel.

Air Force One landed at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport this afternoon with President Obama set for a whistle-stop tour of the Holy Land and Jordan over the next couple of days. Months of planning have gone into Obama's first trip as President to Israel, yet it has only taken a couple of hours for one of the limos from his fleet to break down after it was mistakenly filled with diesel. Another limo is being flown in from Jordan to keep one carload of his 600-strong entourage happy.

As for the President, well, he wasn't in the limo at the time. While touring the Middle East, Obama will be riding in either his Marine One chopper or an armored Cadillac known as The Beast. Looking like a beefed-up Cadillac DTS but based on a Chevy truck chassis, The Beast (alternatively known as Cadillac One) uses a variety of parts, like the Escalade's headlights, side mirrors and door handles, and the STS sedan's taillights and back-up lights. It comes with a special night vision system, is sealed against biochemical attacks and a blood bank carrying the President's blood type is kept in the trunk.

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