Obviously Woz Does Not Own a New Tesla Model X

They haven't been built yet.

Yesterday Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tweeted a picture of himself with a Tesla Model X, proclaiming the EV to be “our new Tesla!” The virtual shitstorm that ensued was expected but has already blown over after The Street’s tech editor, Chris Ciaccia, revealed that Woz was simply standing next to a display model. Maybe when he said “our” he was simply referring to all of mankind. Ciaccia’s tweeted explanation says: "Despite @stevewoz tweeting a pic of him w/the Model X, not his new car.

Just a photo op with the display model at that charging station." Specifically, the Hawthorne Supercharger Station. 12,000 pre-orders for the Model X have been taken, and you can be sure the inventor of the personal computer is one of them. Woz could even be presented with the first one. It’s the least Elon Musk can do after all the free press this little stunt created.

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