Oddly Named Spyker Peking-to-Paris Returning in 2014

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Spyker still believes in its D8 Peking-to-Paris luxury SUV with a new and improved version set to debut next year.

After almost a year since that whole Spyker-Saab debacle, the former is now getting back into the business of building sports cars. For starters, the B6 Venator Spyder is due to be unveiled at Pebble Beach this coming weekend. Now there's word the Dutch boutique brand is planning to relaunch its D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV project. Thanks to an infusion of money coming from Chinese company Youngman, the engineering work has all been done, according to Spyker chief Victor Muller.

All that's left is "to build the tools and put the car into production." According to sources, the 4x4 P2P is the next project Spyker is planning after the B6 Spyder is launched and its production is underway. In fact, Spyker believes so strongly in the potential for the super SUV's success it's planning on selling up to 1,000 examples. The two main markets Spyker is targeting are, not surprisingly, China and Russia. "No one has put in the marketplace a mid-engined supersports vehicle with four doors and four-wheel drive," Muller pointed out. "The P2P will be very usable, but it will be a beast." We'll have to wait until Geneva next March to see how Peking-to-Paris version 2.0 differs from the original.

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