Of Course A Drag Racing Crash This Crazy Involved A Mustang

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We've never seen a car take flight like this before.

This Mustang crash video puts all those clips you've seen from Cars & Coffee to shame. That's not because the driver in it, Stevie "Fast" Jackson, is a bonehead eager to show off. The professional radial tire racer caught some serious air just seconds into his run during the third round of the Radial Tire Racing Association's recent No Mercy event. His car went flying through the air, with YouTube channel 1320video saying it sailed some 300 feet. That seems a bit of an ambitious measurement to us.

That being said, this Fox body Mustang caught some serious air. Check out the flight for yourself and decide whether or not this car was airborne for the entire length of a football field.

This video is amazing for many reasons. The first reason is because Jackson amazingly walked away from the crash as his car was catching fire. (No one else was injured in the wreck either.) If you watch closely you'll see him stiff arm an EMT who raced out onto the track to help him. If you blink you'll miss it which you don't want to do as it's a pretty funny scene. Anyway, the second thing that makes this video amazing is Jackson's ability to joke around in an interview conducted shortly after his epic wreck. Finally, props go to 1320video for capturing this crash from so many angles. You won't find any grainy footage or obstructed viewing angles here, folks.

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